Friday, May 29, 2015

Dreamhaven Update #22

In the last post we discussed the Hobbit Hole attribute as one of the three aspects of our camping module. Today we'll take a look at the second leg of lodging on-site at Dreamhaven Park: Campgrounds.

As you can see top-center on the bubble diagram to the right, we've got an area reserved for camp grounds.  This portion of the park will be meant to accommodate all you rugged types who love to get out there with your tent and roast up marshmallows.

Our camps will be a simple design ranging from totally open "national park" style camping spaces, 3-sided to adirondack spots.  Each site will have the standard grill for cooking food and plenty of space for groups to pitch a few tents.

This area of the park will be connected to the larger body via trails and walkways, making it easy for people to move about, explore and enjoy the larger amenities.

All camping areas will have access to a site bathhouse with running water, showers and flush commodes.

We hope to provide a welcoming and educational environment to LARP groups, Boy and Girl Scout troupes, families, weekend gamers, SCA/Amptgard and renfaire groups and more!

Check out the website for even more information!

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