Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dreamhaven Update #21

As we work with Coupe, our vision takes increasingly better form which always makes me excited to share it with everyone!

I've made a ton of updates to the website over the past couple weeks really elaborating on the various module bubbles you see in the diagram to your left here, but I always like to give time to the particulars.

We've discussed the vision for the Castle, Great Hall and Market Plaza so this week I thought I might share a little bit about our vision for the various lodging facilities.  The yellow circle represents the area of the park that we intend to put a 3-fold style lodgings.  Visitors will be able to choose from The Inn, the Hobbit Holes, or Open Campgrounds.

Originally, the Hobbit Holes were going to be Yurts, but in the process of researching cool, sustainable options that were in-theme with the overall park, I stumbled across the Hobbit Holes.

This was a super-exciting find because who wouldn't love to camp out in one of these??  Hobbit Holes also presented serious advantages that are in line with our philosophy of green-tech and sustainability.

They do not require much disturbance of the terrain to embed them into a setting (if you're putting them under a hill, rather than on top of the ground).  If they are above-ground rather than partially covered, as they become overgrown with natural terrain their heating and cooling costs are dramatically reduced.  It's really a win-win.

We hope to have anywhere from 6-12 Hobbit Holes eventually installed in the camping area with basic amenities inside.  You can check out the website for even more information!

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