Friday, October 17, 2014

Dreamhaven Update #10

This weekend was pretty awesome.  Ion the Leprechaun and I ventured down the silver path to the Spokane Renaissance Faire, to the Gossamer Glen of Queen Mab.  We had a great time making crowns, fairy rings, and magic wands!

Among the highlights was our Human Magic (Science) show with the kidlets.  We experimented with a some Rainbow magic and an Oobleck Spell.  We also enjoyed bartering the metals (bottlecaps) for wishing stones, and good times with good friends.

Tycho and Hypatia joined us for the trip, they seemed to do pretty well in both the blueberry chariot as well as their kitteh harnesses.  The kids were able to pet and hold and play with them but as you can see, motorin' sacked sister kitten out!

Project Dreamhaven received confirmation from Coupe Architecture that work on the park design will begin with our first payment.  We're almost to $1,000 to get that ball rolling, which is very exciting. :)  We are also nearly up to 300 votes on our Chase Grant application!

It's very nice to see the coupon-booklet contributing to both vendors, and the project all at once.  We are getting a lot of new sign-ups for next year so I'm looking forward to even bigger and better!

All that said, this week's giveaway is for a selection of some pretty awesome art from Kamakru Art.  Check out her page and tell us what your favorite pieces are!

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