Monday, June 30, 2014

Dreamhaven Update #4

:**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**:, Kai the Mermaid,
Leaflock, Serena the Mermaid (left to right)
FAE Hollow had a great time and successful fundraising at Greenwood this weekend!  For the first time we were visited by two lovely sea maids: Kai & Serena the Mermaids.

The two oceanic lovelies brought a little aquatic magic to our hollow by transforming mere rocks into beautiful mermaid wishing stones for faire-goers.  We had a kinetic-sand box for play complete with sea shells and a sand castle, and some live tadpoles for the kiddos to look at.

Elsewhere in the Hollow, our silent helper (whom we call) Changeling Boy worked with the children to mine the jewels out of some glittery Dwarven Stones.  Late on Sunday afternoon, he manifested part of his fae nature as two red ears appeared on the top of his head!  We're so excited to see his magical side emerging and look forward to seeing what may come at Canterbury later on this month. :)

Changeling Boy with his newly emerged ears!
Ion the Leprechaun employed his alchemical expertise to verify that the Faere-y Coyne the children brought to us was 100% authentic coyne.  No forgeries! After a few tests, he was more than happy to trade the coyne for some tasty surprises from the magical candy apple.

For her part, Leaflock was all over the place, pixie-pinching attendees clandestinely, so that they could come make a wish on our dream tree.

We were also happy to discover that at the end of Faire, we had made $33 to donate to the Castle Fund!

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us and supported FAE Hollow!  We'll see you in a couple weeks at Canterbury!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dreamhaven Update #3

Today was a great day despite the troll!  As you may recall from the last post, I have encountered the first big challenge of the project: financing a feasibility study.  I think of it as a baby troll.

The baby troll needs $15, 295 worth of feeding.

I spent the weekend brainstorming ideas for how to feed the baby troll, since this is an essential first step toward realizing the castle park.  It absolute must-be-done in order for the project to continue to go forth in a serious manner.

Many streams make a river of dreams.  Here is revenue stream the first:

Here's the overview - if you want full details, please message me!

Coupon-Fairy Fundraiser Program

Welcome to the Coupon-Fairy Program.  Please allow me to explain a little bit about it!  This program has been developed as a fundraising effort for “The Castle Project” (  Follow the link to read a detailed description of the project, plan and ongoing timeline.


Late in 2013 we began to embark on our vision of building a full-scale event-center adventure park.  It is a multi-million dollar project, on a 3-4 year timeline.  Although the primary funding will be obtained via private investors, every possible stream of revenue facilitates the project achieving reality.

Our first milestone (which I have affectionately dubbed the “Baby Troll”) that we are striving to reach is to raise $15,295 to cover the expense of hiring an architectural firm to assemble a feasibility study.  A feasibility study, in this context, is a collection of the schematics and documents that are presented to general contractors to get bids on what the project will actually cost to build.  This information is critically necessary to formulating a fully developed business plan.  No business plan, no private funding.

--To fundraise a minimum of $15,000 to pay for an architectural feasibility study.
--To benefit the handmade and artisan community in the process of achieving our first major milestone.

Nobody does anything alone in this world.  It is my aim to make it beneficial for you and your business to help me and my project!

NO Buy-in Fees! The only cost to you is the cost (if any) of listing the product on your chosen platform
You Make Money for participating.
Your Store Name will be listed in every other participating store as a part of the Coupon-Fairy Book listing.
Free advertising, but advertising that makes you some money in the process!
(Etsyians): Your store items will be periodically added into treasuries that also include the digital booklet

Feed the Troll!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Dreamhaven Update #2

This week's line-up is rapidly becoming overwhelming, but let's not think about that for now.  Instead, meet the baby troll.  I feel as though I have met the first real hurdle in the Castle Project, and compared to what is sure to come further on down the line, I am sure this hurdle is quite small.  It FEELS huge though, and thus I have dubbed it the "BABY TROLL".

This Baby Troll's name is "Feasibility Study" - and I must overcome the Troll.  Last Friday I received the first proposal back from a prospective architect naming a price for doing a feasibility study.

A feasibility study is where the architect basically takes the whole of an idea and maps it out on paper such that it can be presented to a general contractor for bidding.

Dang. Babies are expensive. "Feasibility Study the Baby Troll" is a $15,295 baby troll!

I am sure you can imagine that, like most people, I don't have $15,000 chillaxing in my Smaug-like vaults.  This means, of course, that real hurdle numero uno is how to fund-raise fifteen large (selling wee ones to the goblin king is RIGHT out!).

So this weekend I set my mind to brainstorming (and I must thank my friends Robert P. (Silver Tide Jewelry) & Kathleen H. (Stained Glass Butterfly) for their insight and suggestions).  The idea, (and perhaps I am partial but I think it is a winner): The Etsy Coupon Book.

The Etsy Coupon Book is intended to be a digital booklet of check-out Coupons that can be redeemed with Etsy sellers in their online stores.  The coupon books will be available for purchase and the proceeds will go to the surmounting the cost of "Feasibility the Baby Troll".

Which means I'll be writing up the program tonight/tomorrow to poke potential etsyians with.  Which brings us back around to the beginning of this post...this week's line-up is rapidly becoming overwhelming!