Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dreamhaven Update #7

I am ridiculously excited about bringing to you all a brand new event in 2015 - The Fairyblossom Festival! We have our site secured in Chehalis, WA, on June 20 - 21.  The application for vendors, volunteers, performers, campers and buying gate tickets is all online and ready to go!

We plan to have some different activities going on this coming year that I am really aflutter about; crowing of the Flower Queen and Forest Queen with a royal court, the summer games tourney with glow golf, camping!  My favorite though is the Fairy Feast and Stone Soup.

On Saturday evening, everyone is invited to contribute to our pot-luck feast where we will be brewing up Stone Soup, ala the old folktale.  We'll have a pot and kettle from Brunetta Blacksmithing, we'll have a stone, custom carved, from Stonebreaker, and we'll have delicious ingredients added by everyone!

It is a community event and totally free so bring a bowl and a veggie to throw in the pot!  There's rumour that our own local character, Witchy-poo, may even appear to do the cooking of the soup.

Part of our proceeds will be going to support the Castle Fund (that is, a fundraiser to help buy a permanent event site here in the PNW).

Along with the Coupon Fairy Booklet, it has been a lot of various little streams to help raise the money for our first major step, which is the feasibility study, and I am excited that these balls are now rolling. The booklet should be ready for it's first look over in a week or so, as the coupons from stores are coming in.

Also - today is the last day to enter Aimee Stewart's giveaway, don't miss your chance to win!

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