Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dreamhaven Update #6

Upon returning home from Canterbury Renfaire in Silverton, Oregon, I've been fluttering around playing catch up.  The Coupon-Fairy Fundraiser is gaining more vendors and artists every day, and we've begun to put the booklet together for .pdf selling.

I took the opportunity to avail myself of services offered whilst down in Portlandia (or thereabouts), and collaborated with a friend to begin the rough outline of a map for the Castle Project.  Ideally, this will help our architect get a very good idea of what we're looking to do.  Here's the draft map....

I intend to shuffle some stuff around still but it's at least a look.

In other exciting news, I confirmed today that I can start selling some of my product at Spooked in Seattle as soon as next week - this will be a great way to generate some revenue for the Castle Project!

All that said...I bring to you this week's giveaway, courtesy of Alexandra Haley Art - get your entries in!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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