Monday, July 14, 2014

Dreamhaven Update #5

It has been a whirlwind week, ending with the Myth & Magic Masquerade Ball at the EMP Museum.  What a great event!  We had a live-action quest for everyone to go on and I was a the very enigmatic and mysterious fairy princess that got to help the LARPers on their way.  They gave me the answer to the riddle and I gave them the next clue.  Very fun event with amazing costumes and special guests.

Thus we begin the week of prepping for Canterbury Renaissance Faire in Silverton, OR.  Human Magical (science) supplies, packing more books and product to be mailed before I'm gone for over a week, paperwork to get off to the Red Tape of Bureaucracy chimera, food to have prepared, trailers to secure, wow - the list is incredible.

Two major tasks this week will be to apply for a loan so that I can fund the main portion of the Feasibility Study (that baby troll is pretty hungry), as well as begin a draft on the Coupon-Fairy Fundraiser.  We now have ~15 Vendors signed up, and I hope to gain some more this weekend. :)

The Troll-o-Meter has in fact been rising, and every penny of course helps offset the first of our major monetary requirements for the Castle Project.  I feel encouraged and excited to be going forward, no matter how fast or slow - every step is closer!

Hope to see everyone at Canterbury!

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