Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dreamhaven Update #12

For those of you following the Dreamhaven Project at home, you may recall that two weeks ago we formally secured the architectural firm that will be designing the park.

This is really exciting news and we're looking forward to seeing some initial bubble diagrams and drawings by the end of the year!

In the interest of elaborating on the various module components that we are incorporating, here's a little bit about the banquet hall...

Great Hall Example
The Great Hall
This element of the park will be attached to the main castle.  It's concept is to be a large hall with supporting industrial kitchen and side break-out rooms for small groups.  We wish to make as many aspects of our park as multi-functional as possible.  Our aim here is to build a space that can be used to host receptions, bazaars, large scale gaming tournaments, workshops, corporate retreats, seminars, banquets and more.

Join the Dream!

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